About Us


About Us

Our company was established in 2013. We started selling and promoting Hydrogen Flask in the year of 2015. We managed to sell over 1500++ bottles of Hydrogen Flask in 2 years and received 50-60% feedback from customers that their diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and other slow illness has reduced. PURE was the first and only company that sells Hydrogen Flask in 2015.

Our Mission

We do not sell water filter product only but we also care, manage and make sure that the water you drink is clean and have Five-star quality water. Our mission is to educate the importance of water and how to manage your drinking water to be clean and healthy.

Our Vision

We are looking forward to establish more than 100 outlets franchise throughout Malaysia. While managing and educating on how to have Five-star quality water to all Malaysian families, we can help low incomers to gain minimum income of RM3000 per month

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